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Rampa SEL Automatic Bollard Magnetic Detector IMDV License Plate Recognition Parking System Functioning


This device is suitable for control of the vehicles that have transient distances up to 6 m depending on model variation: SEL 312; SEL 412; SEL 612




Main attributes:
- Electromechanical drive is not sensitive to temperature change, which differs from hydraulic system;
- Sine trajectory of the handle, thanks to which the handle accelerates and slows down smoothly, which decreases a dynamic load of the drive and the ramp junctions;
- Bearing and joints are manufactured from steel and protected from dust;
- Attractive cover design, made from alloyed aluminum, with some elements made from galvanic steel;
- Fast and silent operation;
- Handle weight is balanced with long ledge with small relative deformation;
- Cover is made from strong plastic that can be complemented with yellow blinking splint;
- Door and cover are locked with the key;
- Attractively designed aluminum handle with fluorescent folio, protective gums and pneumatic detection of collision;
- Types with handle length from 3 to 6 m can be selected.


Table of technical data

Type Dimensions Basic length Handles
SEL 312 300 x 410 300 x 300 3 m
SEL 412 300 x 410 300 x 300 4 m
SEL 612 355 x 410 300 x 355 6m


Technical data

Type Weight





Closing time
SEL 312 55 220-240 2,4 500 100 2
SEL 412 55 220-240 2,4 500 80 4
SEL 612 60 220-240 2,4 500 50 10

The ramp can be supplemented with many different devices such as: system for radio-wave remote control, control using inductive loop, terminal with magnet or active card,

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